Rival Ball

Rival Ball 1.5

Arcade block-breaking game with interesting level designs
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1.5.6 (See all)
Destroy the blocks in each level by bouncing a ball into them. Collect power-ups, stay away from power-downs and make sure that you don't drop the ball.

Rival Ball 1.5.6 is a block-bursting game, like Arkanoid or Ricochet. The object of the game is to destroy every brick on the screen, by hitting it with a ball, which you will have to deflect with a paddle. You'll have to hit the ball with the paddle, to prevent it from falling down. While being destroyed, blocks will release some power-ups or power-downs, which you should catch with your paddle to activate them. The power-ups will make your paddle and ball bigger, making things easier for you. Or they will blow some blocks. Or strike them with a thunder. Power-downs will make your paddle or ball smaller. Rival Ball can be played online, and you will be able to compete with other users. As this game is a sequel to DX-Ball, you can play DX-Ball 2 boards with Rival Ball. You can submit your scores online and compare them with other players' scores. Unfortunately the game is not free but you are able to download and play its demo version. The demo version of Rival Ball will only let you play the first of the eight board packs. Each pack contains several boards.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It has nice music


  • The graphics are not so good
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